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5 Soft Foods You Can Eat While Wearing Braces

One of the most common questions we get asked by patients is what foods they’re going to be able to eat while wearing braces in Irvine. They’re also curious about how limited they’re going to be when it comes to soft foods. The good news is that just about all soft foods are allowed – there’s basically no limit to your choices. The only thing to consider is that even some soft foods can get stuck in wires and brackets, so you’ll want to pay attention and carefully cleaned them if this happens.

Following are 5 soft food groups you can eat while wearing braces.

1. Fruits

Soft fruits are often your best bet, especially in the very beginning. Great examples include avocado (yes, it’s a fruit), kiwi, mandarin oranges, bananas, most berries, grapes, grapefruit and tangerines.

2. Vegetables

You can eat just about any vegetable if it’s cooked enough. One of the best ways to cook them to get them soft enough and retain nutrients is to steam vegetables just pass the point you normally would. Following this rule of thumb allows you to keep eating the veggies you enjoy, even with braces. Another good idea is to whip up a plant based smoothie using kale, spinach and carrots as a base. Then add coconut milk, regular milk, or almond milk and frozen fruit like berries, a frozen banana, mango, etc., which helps add a nice sweet taste and creates that thick smoothie texture.

3. Carbohydrates

If you’re a fan of carbohydrates, you’ll find that there are lots of braces-friendly options to consider. Braces friendly carbs include mashed or baked regular or sweet potatoes, pasta, Asian noodles, Lasagna, soft breads, muffins, oatmeal, cream of wheat, polenta and couscous.

4. Meat/Seafood/Poultry/Protein

Some filling, protein-packed choices, both your body and braces will appreciate, include scrambled eggs, salmon, tuna, meatballs, ground beef or turkey, sliced lunch meat and shredded chicken.

5. Dairy

Cottage cheese and yogurt are, of course, braces-friendly options and they’re also nutritious, tasty choices that will help sustain you during your first week wearing braces. There’s nothing wrong with eating ice cream, frozen yogurt of sorbets once in a while either. There are also a lot of cheese varieties available that are soft and delicious including cream cheese, Brie and fresh mozzarella.

No matter what soft foods you eat, be sure to brush your teeth afterwards, optimally after every meal. This is particularly important when sugar is involved.

If you have any questions regarding foods that are safe to eat with braces, feel free to contact us – our iSmiles Orthodontics team is here to help.

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