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Most orthodontists agree the ideal time for children to get braces is between the ages of 12 and 14. By this time your child has lost all of his or her baby teeth and the permanent teeth have had a chance to grow in.

This is also the age when most teens develop a heightened awareness of themselves, how they look, and how they relate to their friends.

Happily, thanks to the fact orthodontic treatments have become more affordable, teenagers do not see getting braces as a dreadful experience. Their friends have them. Visits to the orthodontics office is not a big deal. They even see braces as a fashion accessory in addition to a path to that ever-desirable perfect smile.

Teenagers who feel self-conscious and hide their smiles because they have gaps, crooked, or protruding teeth, are quietly crying for help. And while they may not be thinking about the health benefits of perfectly aligned teeth, they’re truly concerned about how they’re perceived and treated by their peers.

iSmiles Orthodontics, your Irvine Orthodontist, has developed a special protocol for our teen patients, starting with an office culture that makes them feel welcome and comfortable. We have free Wi-Fi, a game room, a furnished balcony where they can chill out rather than sitting in a waiting room.

The Complimentary iSmiles Consultation, the first step to determining what problems must be corrected, is interactive and fun. They are given a tour of the office, help their parents fill out the paperwork, and are given a comprehensive oral exam using the iTero® Digital Impression System.

Computer savvy teens love the fact they can see 3D images of how their teeth look like now, and howll they will look once their treatment is completed. Seeing is believing, and once they visually see the end game they usually buy into the process.

Simply stated, teens make excellent orthodontic patients.

iSmiles Orthodontics offers the newest advances and technologies in fixed braces, clear ceramic bracesand incognito lingual braces, as well as the Invisalign® Treatment System.

Your iSmiles orthodontist will discuss options and make the best recommendation in terms of treatment that will not only produce the desired results, but also fit into your teenagers preferences and lifestyle.

Invisalign is popular with teens and adults because the treatment system lets you trade the higher maintenance regimen and look of fixed braces for custom designed and fabricated clear plastic aligners that fit over the teeth like a sleeve – making them virtually invisible. There are also no dietary restrictions or time-consuming maintenance procedures since the aligners are removed to brush, floss, and eat.

For teens who play sports or a musical instrument, Invisalign’s removability is another plus. With braces, it’s difficult to play your best knowing you can get hit the mouth with an elbow or ball, or cut your lip trying to hit that high note on a trumpet or trombone.

Invisalign Teen®

Invisalign Teen® is designed to accommodate jaws that are still in their growing stages. The aligners, for example, straighten teeth without affecting the growth of molars.

Another key difference is the addition of a small “blue dot” wear monitor on each aligner that fades over time when the aligners are worn as directed (at least 22 hours daily is the general recommendation). Strict adherence to the Invisalign treatment regimen, teen or adult, is critical to its success. Invisalign Teen’s blue dot monitors promote good habits when it comes to compliance.

invisalign teen near you

iSmile Orthodontics participates in align technology by providing up to 6 replacements aligners for free!

With wear monitors, free replacement aligners, and advanced programming, Invisalign teen is an excellent teeth-straightening system that accommodates growing mouths and busy lifestyles!

As Irvine’s Invisalign® Premier Provider, iSmiles Orthodontics has over 10 years’ experience treating a broad range of orthodontic problems, including severe spacing and crowding, using the Invisalign system.

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