What Do I Need To Know When Choosing Orthodontic Treatment?

Choosing the right Orthodontic Treatment Provider can be a difficult and overwhelming decision. You’re probably asking yourself if you should stay with your dentist who offers Invisalign, start treatment with an orthodontist who comes into your dentist’s office 1-2 times per week or see a specialized orthodontist with their own office/staff? Does it make that much of a difference? Do orthodontic treatment options really vary that much? Should you choose a provider based on price, value, convenience, technology or expertise? Is there a place where you don’t have to choose one feature over the other?

Making the right decision can have a profound effect on you or your loved one’s quest for that perfect smile. Your orthodontic treatment will absolutely change the look of not only your smile, but your entire face for the rest of your life. For example, if you have unnecessary extractions completed, that treatment can lead to a sunken facial profile as you age and an overall less-than-desired aesthetic appeal. You need to be sure to choose a provider who looks at your entire face when recommending treatment. Since we know that information is powerful, we have created a chart to help you know the important features to look for when choosing your orthodontic treatment provider.

How does iSmiles Orthodontics compare?

iSmiles Orthodontics is the West Valley’s s leading provider of Damon® Braces and has earned Invisalign® Premier Provider status that places us in the TOP 10% of Invisalign practitioners in the U.S. and Canada.

iSmiles Orthodontics
General Dentist who practices orthodontics
Orthodontist practicing in a General Dentist/ Pediatric Dentist Office
Specialized Services
All Doctors have
Orthodontic degrees & Experience
Practice Has Dedicated Orthodontic Staff
Onsite Orthodontist Available 6 Days A Week
Private Practice Owned by Doctor
Affordable Financing Options
Flexible Financing And Payment Options
Interest Free, In House Financing with No Credit Check
Price Match Guarantee
Patient Guarantees
100% Customized Treatment Plan
Faster Results
Non-Extraction Orthodontics
Face-Driven Treatment Plan
Clinically Proven
Treatment Systems
Clear Braces
Many providers do not offer this feature. Check with specific provider for exact details.

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