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For many students, college means that it is time for a change. Some students even move far away from home to study abroad, which makes it challenging to stick to an orthodontic or dental routine. While having straight teeth is nice, getting braces may not be practical for student life. Luckily, our team at iSmiles Orthodontics has a solution: Invisalign in Irvine. Invisalign uses clear, removable aligners to gently encourage […]

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At iSmiles Orthodontics, we understand that everyone wants a beautiful and straight smile, but no one is overly enthusiastic about the prospect of wearing metal brackets and wires for months on end. Traditional metal braces are bulky and uncomfortable, limiting diet choices and overall causing frustration. What if we told you that you could transform your smile without the hassle of metal braces? With Invisalign in Irvine, you can do […]

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Today on Friday Focus, Dr. O El-Hilal from iSmiles Orthodontics, your Orthodontist in Irvine, discusses the difference between Invisalign and Smile Direct Club. I’m Dr. O and I will discuss the major difference between Invisalign and Smile Direct Club and Invisalign. Essentially, they are both clear plastic aligner systems that are custom designed to move teeth. The major point of differentiation is that Smile Direct Club takes a do-it-yourself approach. […]

In this edition of Friday Focus, Dr. O El-Hillal from iSmiles Orthodontics, your Irvine Orthodontist, discusses how to Invisalign works to correct your teeth alignment . Hello. My name is Dr. O and this week I’m going to discuss the Invisalign treatment system. If you have seen the Invisalign commercials on TV, you can understand why this orthodontic treatment system has revolutionized our industry. It allows us to correct the […]

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